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In an increasingly complex and fast-paced real estate market, it is important to have an agent with your best interests at heart. Phil cares about his clients. He will work hard to understand precisely what you are looking for and will scour all available listings to find your perfect home.

Other agents may not fight to get you the best price, hoping to maximize their commission. Phil is not like that. He takes pride in a job well done and prefers to build relationships with his clients. Small, short-term gains are never his priority!

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Your Time is Valuable

You have a lot of criteria your dream home must meet.  Don’t waste your time with an agent that doesn’t carefully consider all of your desires.  Phil will take into account all of your needs to only show you homes that are worth your consideration.

Is it Better to Buy or to Rent?

Rates are Historically Low

The housing market is recovering, but mortgage rates are still low. This means if you buy a home now, you will pay less in interest than if you wait until mortgage rates have risen.

Home Values have Increased

During the 2008 market collapse, home prices fell significantly. They have been recovering and are still climbing.

Build Wealth through Equity

As you live and make improvements to your house, and continue to make payments, you will be building equity. If you rent, you will see no return from your living expenses. Additionally, there are tax advantages to home owners.

The Home Buying Process

Unless you will not need financing, you will need to determine what size loan you qualify for based on your personal finances.  With a budget in mind, you should obtain a pre-approval letter from a mortgage broker or bank.  In today’s fast paced housing market, your real estate agent will need to submit this along with your purchase offer.  You don’t want to wait until after you have found your dream home to obtain your pre-approval.  To complete your mortgage application, you will need to provide a complete picture of your finances to your lender, including: proof of income and assets, bank statements, tax returns, reference letters.

Determine the most important criteria your future home will need to meet.  Your agent will work with you to find the house that best matches your desires and budget.  Try not to become overwhelmed and confused by taking a whirlwind tour of every house on the market.  Try to limit yourself to a few good potential fits each time you go out looking with your agent.  Try to enjoy yourself.

While the seller has posted their desired price, negotiating is still important.  Your real estate agent will guide you through this process.  While your agent may be able to negotiate the price down, there are also other important points to consider, such as timing for close and contingencies for financing approval and professional inspections.  Your first offer may be accepted or your agent may have to make multiple counter offers.  Once you and the seller have agreed on terms and your offer has been accepted, you will need to deposit a down payment (typically 10-20% of the purchase price).

While you may think you can save some money by skipping the home inspection process, in most situations it is a very good idea to have it professionally inspected.  You will want to know of any unseen, costly issues before you close the purchase.  Your real estate agent can help you arrange to have this inspection within a few days of your offer being accepted.

Congratulations!  You are now a homeowner!  Enjoy the process of personalizing your space and making it your ideal home.

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